(I apologize for another late post!)

For just about all of us on this planet, learning is something we continuously do throughout our lifetimes. I know this is true for myself, and my magickal learning is no exception. I have always felt like a student, and I suspect I always will. The time has come recently, however, for me to also take on the mantle of teacher. That, in itself (as I’m sure you’ve heard before), is a learning experience all on its own.

You see, I finally solved my lonely witch problem. I decided to form my own coven with my two closest friends. They were not previously witches, but both sort of leaned that way and were sympathetic to my spirituality. I didn’t know if they’d actually go for it, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. To my surprise they both agreed, and now I have the task of teaching two new witches!

I have no idea how this is going to turn out. It’s rather intimidating taking on a teaching role with one’s closest and oldest friends. It feels weird, because teachers are typically viewed with a degree of authority, and I don’t feel that’s an appropriate approach with them. We are on equal footing, but I have been a witch for a few years now and I know more about it than they do. How do I teach them without potentially bruising any egos or hurting any feelings? I’m trying to be as helpful and flexible as possible, guiding them but essentially letting them teach themselves. I hope this approach works.

As I gather information for them and make preparations, it strengthens my own knowledge. It’s like I’m also giving myself a refresher course, and that makes me feel more competent. I am becoming a more confident witch. I am also in the process of forming our own unique tradition, so that is forcing me to think more and stretch my creative muscles. This is certainly a time for everyone to create and learn. It is a fruitful, blossoming time, and I am really looking forward to our first sabbat together!